How The Instrument Donation Program Works

History: Our Instrument Donation Program began when a local church closed and donated 2 pianos for our use. One was placed into the Hellyer Performing Arts Center for their piano lab and the other was given to a 10 yr old pianist who had been practicing on an electric keyboard and needed to work with an acoustic piano. Following a press release to the Bucks County Courier, more offers to donate instruments were received.

How It Works: Someone who has an instrument (not just pianos) contacts us to donate the instrument. The instrument must be in good working order – especially pianos since they will be given to people with little knowledge or money to make repairs.  Instruments are pre-screened to ensure that t hey only need moving and tuning. In the case of orchestral instruments, some are accepted that need minor repair work. Orchestral and Band instruments can be delivered to the BCPAI office.

For pianos, it is recommended that the Donor email a photo and model and serial number of the instrument. If it appears to be ‘usable’, a BCPAI representative will make arrangements to see the instrument and bring the potential recipient to view it as well. If the recipient agrees to accept the piano, BCPAI will make arrangements for a local, professional mover to pick up and deliver the piano to the recipient. The Cost is approximately half of the market rate for such a move and is passed onto the recipient, who may keep the piano as long as they wish and eventually use it to ‘trade up” to a better piano, give it to another or recycle it to BCPAI.

The Donor receives a receipt for the full market value for the piano (or any instrument donated) that they may use as a tax deduction in accordance with IRS regulations.

Orchestral and/or Band Instruments: In the case of these instruments the recipient are “loaned” an instrument that is in good working order. They may keep the instrument as long as they continue to take lessons and play in school. If they discontinue lessons, they then return the instrument to BCPAI to use for another student. If they continue to study and play for 3 years or more, the instrument is theirs to use indefinitely or use to “trade up” to a better instrument.

Recipients need to be low –income to qualify for this program. A basic qualifier is that a family of 4 be making $60,000 or less per year. This “qualifier” is adjusted for additional factors such as more children, medical emergencies and or disabilities.

Want to Donate or Receive and Instrument?  Register with us on this website. Forms for this program can be downloaded from our website.