MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS: The Bucks County Performing Arts Institute awards Merit Scholarships each year for students demonstrating exceptional talent singing, playing and instrument or acting.  These can range from $100 to $1000 for the school year. In order to qualify a student must send in a completed BCPAI scholarship application and request an appointment time for the annual BCPAI auditions, which are held April of each year.  Students are adjudicated by three third party professionals in the performing arts field. The judges make recommendations to the board based on skill level of the applicant, which may include requirements for additional classes or instruction in their field of study. The board weighs this information with consideration to how much money is available that season and announces the winners at the June scholarship dinner show.

TUITION REMISSION: Some students receive “Tuition Remission” as part of their scholarship package – meaning that the fee for a certain required course is waived by the school or paid for by BCPAI.

FINANCIAL AID: In general, BCPAI does not give out financial aid. Programs, lessons and classes all have fees associated with them. All programs have a “sliding scale” for low-income families. Families who need financial assistance must complete a BCPAI financial aid application and provide proof of income. Applications for financial aid are evaluated on a case by case basis and are determined based on need, applicants commitment and available funds.

VOICES of Bucks County: Each season, VOICES offers free tuition for Voices plus a 50% reduction towards the cost of voices lessons at the Hellyer Performing Arts Center for 2 tenors and 2 basses in highs school or college.